• Eastern Africa

  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
Organisation type:
    Renewable Energy Solution Provider
Technology type:
    Energy Storage
    Inverters/Power Components
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Dealers & Distributors
    Hybrid Models
    Installers & Contractors
    Operation & Maintenance Providers

GadgetroniX was founded in 2014 by Hasnain Sajan, focusing in Energy, Security and Internet Services. In 2016, developed a new and now successful division BLINK, specifically focusing in supplying Internet Services across Tanzania.

Working with a team of highly competent staff including over seventy Expert Technicians employed full-time, a team of Electrical/Mechanical Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors, has enabled GadgetroniX to specialise in an array of areas including Communication, Energy Systems, Electric Vehicles, Mobile Signal Boosters, Networking and Security & Surveillance systems. GadgetroniX represents several well-recognised international companies in the pursuit of developing, testing and promoting clean energy technologies and its other services in order to empower individuals as well as businesses.

We have also managed to improve communication in remote areas that had previously struggled to communicate. We also specialise in internet services We take pride in the fact that over 800 projects have been successfully accomplished within Tanzania thus far.


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