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Case study 22 December, 2022 Battery / Energy StorageInverters / Power ComponentsSolar PV E-mobility Grid-connected

Gadgetronix – DHL Tanzania

Who, What & Where

  • Gadgetronix
  • Supply and installation of  grid-connected solar system
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The Company

GadgetroniX is a leading distributor of globally renowned Solar, Security & Surveillance, and Communication equipment in Tanzania. Working with a team of highly competent staff including over seventy expert technicians employed full-time, a group of electrical/mechanical engineers, and quantity surveyors, has enabled GadgetroniX to specialise in an array of areas including communication, energy systems, electric vehicles, mobile signal boosters, networking, and security & surveillance systems.

GadgetroniX represents several well-recognised international companies in the pursuit of developing, testing, and promoting clean energy technologies and other services to empower individuals and businesses.

The Challenge

Global warming affects all industries and countries and is made worse by fossil fuel use. Global emissions and coal-fired power peaked in 2021. This implies companies like the ones in the logistics sector must develop, invest in, and employ alternative energy sources. Companies like DHL are making progress and leading the road to a clean energy future by using alternative energy alternatives.

Renewable Solution

We got the opportunity to design and install a 36.72 kWp grid-connected system for DHL Tanzania HQ in Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in order to save money on daytime power bills for our customers. This technology only operates during the day when there is a reference voltage such as grid electricity (TANESCO) and a backup power system like a power generator or battery-based power backup system that is in line with the client’s daytime power requirement.

Below is a summary of the installation:

  • 22-Nos. Fronius Symo 15.0-3-M PV Inverters,
  • 68-Nos. JA Solar 540W Solar modules.

Project Outcome

Our team helped DHL work towards its goal of a zero-emissions future. We were proud to be a part of their big investment in solar systems, which was part of a long-term plan to cut down on the amount of energy they use in all of their operations by using renewable energy systems.

As a leader in sustainable logistics, DHL is putting an eco-friendly plan into action to reduce its effect on the climate by making sustainable investments in all of the markets where it does business.