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Case study 22 December, 2022 Battery / Energy StorageInverters / Power ComponentsSolar PV Other Grid-connected

GadgetroniX – Kimarishe Serengeti Lodge (Tanzania)

Who, What & Where

  • GadgetroniX
  • Supply and Installation of off-grid solar, power backup, battery storage, remote monitoring, internet services, IP phones
  • Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge, Tanzania

The Company


GadgetroniX is a leading distributor of globally renowned Solar, Security & Surveillance, and Communication equipment in Tanzania. Working with a team of highly competent staff including over seventy expert technicians employed full-time, a group of electrical/mechanical engineers, and quantity surveyors, has enabled GadgetroniX to specialise in an array of areas including communication, energy systems, electric vehicles, mobile signal boosters, networking, and security & surveillance systems.

GadgetroniX represents several well-recognised international companies in the pursuit of developing, testing, and promoting clean energy technologies and other services to empower individuals and businesses.

The Challenge

Situated close to the Seronera region near the centre of the national park, the charming and cosy Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge is an authentic lodge with welcoming staff who offer a typical Tanzanian bush atmosphere experience while also providing top-quality service and accommodations to its guests from all around the world. With our help, Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge wanted to enter the field of eco-friendly tourism and reach the growing number of visitors who are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their travel. The lodge wanted to upgrade its services to make its operations more sustainable while maintaining efficiency and quality of service.

Renewable Solution

Our company works on multiple projects to promote our vision of a low-carbon, sustainable future by providing innovative solutions which help boost Tanzanian ecotourism. GadgetroniX is pleased to have helped the Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge in the successful installation of its solar energy and internet solutions. As a company that truly takes to heart the realisation of an eco-friendly future, we are proud to have had a part in the concretisation of this applaudable endeavour that propels the camp among some of the best options for an authentic, thrilling, and high-end take on an ecotourism lodge.

Project Outcome

The brand-new lodge now has a green and renewable energy source which will ensure a low carbon footprint and its autonomy. These solutions alter how the camp is run as a whole and ensure that clients can sustainably use services like power, swimming pools, and wi-fi. We wish to assist clients in the hotel sector with solutions that will enable them to reduce expenses while continuing to deliver customary services in a highly efficient, sustainable, and high-performing way.