Become a Partner to make a long-lasting impact!

With a global vision and a network of diverse Members and Partners, we are driving change to electrify lives in remote and underserved areas.

Partnering with ARE is not just about collaboration; it’s about becoming a catalyst for sustainable development and creating lasting impact.

Why Partner with us?

  1. Driving Global Impact: At ARE, our mission is to bring affordable and clean energy solutions to rural and off-grid communities worldwide. By partnering with us, you become an integral part of this global movement. Your organisation’s expertise and resources combined with our network’s reach can create a significant and lasting impact on the lives of millions.
  2. Shaping International Policy: ARE is at the forefront of influencing international policy and development agendas related to renewable electrification. As a partner, you have a voice in shaping these policies and advocating for rural electrification on the global stage. Your organisation’s insights and contributions matter in the quest to create an energy-secure future for all.
  3. Market Development and Collaboration: We believe that collaboration is the key to market development. ARE partners with national and regional associations, fostering connections between local stakeholders, businesses, and governments. By partnering with us, your organisation gains access to a vast network of industry players, creating opportunities for synergistic collaborations and market expansion.
  4. Expertise and Knowledge Sharing: ARE provides a platform for partners to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and stay updated on the latest industry trends and innovations. Your organisation can benefit from this collective wisdom, staying at the forefront of energy access advancements.
  5. Strengthening Your Impact: Being part of the ARE network enhances your organisation’s credibility and influence in the field of energy access. Partnering with us allows you to amplify your impact, and connect with like-minded companies passionate about sustainable energy access.
Become a Partner to make a long-lasting impact

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ARE has proven to be a key partner for GIZ, especially with regards to the development of incentivising and risk-mitigating policy and regulatory frameworks aiming for higher private sector investments in clean decentralized energy technology solutions for rural areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Mike Enskat
Head of Infrastructure
The partnership with ARE will deepen our understanding of private sector needs.  It will also allow us to work together on facilitating a constructive dialogue between public and private actors to support a development path that delivers according to local needs and empowers local capacities and communities.
Rana Ghoneim
Chief, Energy Systems & Infrastructure Division