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Case study 22 December, 2022 HydroSolar PV Water Stand alone

GadgetroniX – Oikos Solar Water Pumps Project (Tanzania)

Who, What & Where

  • GadgetroniX
  • Supply and Installation of  solar panels, solar water pumps, and Grundfos inverters
  • Oikos East Africa – Kiteto and Simanjiro districts of the Manyara Region, Tanzania

The Company

GadgetroniX is a leading distributor of globally renowned Solar, Security & Surveillance, and Communication equipment in Tanzania. Working with a team of highly competent staff including over seventy expert technicians employed full-time, a group of electrical/mechanical engineers, and quantity surveyors, has enabled GadgetroniX to specialise in an array of areas including communication, energy systems, electric vehicles, mobile signal boosters, networking, and security & surveillance systems.

GadgetroniX represents several well-recognised international companies in the pursuit of developing, testing, and promoting clean energy technologies and other services to empower individuals and businesses.


The Challenge

The goal of the KISIMA project is to improve water infrastructure in 11 communities or villages in the Kiteto and Simanjiro districts of the Manyara Region. Our client, a Tanzanian NGO called Oikos East Africa, trusted us to help them find effective, long-term solutions to replace the diesel pumping systems that were used in most rural water schemes because they were expensive to run and needed regular maintenance in remote rural areas.

Considering how inefficient the old systems were and how much it costs to keep them running, our team installed three new solar-powered water systems that would change the way people got water. For many people, these new systems will change their lives.


Renewable Solution


Adding more solar pumps to rural water systems was a key step in making sure that the new water systems would last for a long time. AC current solar pumping systems will be put in place to lower the cost of diesel pumping systems. Gadgetronix is the leader in Tanzania when it comes to energy solutions.

We distribute and support world-famous energy products and solutions that make operating systems greener and more efficient. Our team provided the necessary technologies and systems that were needed to make this switch to solar a reality.

Project Outcome


  1. More than 240,000 people living in the two districts will have access to clean, safe water and sanitation services that are run in a safe way.
  2. Solar energy pumping systems will guarantee greater energy efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs compared to plants powered by diesel generators.
  3. At the end of the project, the institutions (Regions and Districts) will have strong competencies and skills for the long-term management of rural water schemes and sanitation services. This will make communities more resilient to climate change.