Ryse Energy

Benefits of ARE Membership

Business & Market Development

  • Company/organisation profile on the online members platform
  • Access to ARE Members contact details via the private member platform
  • Tickets to the events organised by ARE
  • Participation to member-exclusive Finance for Electrification webinar series
  • Free or discounted tickets at many sector events such as COP, Africa Energy Forum, Intersolar, etc.

Capacity Building

  • Participation in member-exclusive Investment Academy organised by ARE
  • Access to private ARE knowledge hub
  • Participation in thematic webinars organised by ARE

Policy & Advocacy

  • Chance to contribute to ARE publications
  • Opportunity to do policy contributions by joining ARE campaigns
  • Access to government officials at our public events and business delegation meetings
  • Collaboration opportunities via studies, policy papers

Communications & Marketing

  • Unlimited job posting on the ARE Job Platform
  • Chance to share your news and press releases on the ARE website free of charge
  • Article posting on bi-monthly ARE Newsletter
  • Social media promotion of your company videos, podcasts, webinars
  • Possibility to engage with journalists at our events

Benefits of a Leading ARE Membership

  • All services included in ARE Regular Membership
  • 1 x Gold Sponsorship at ARE Energy Access Investment Forum
  • 2 x Priority invitations to speak at ARE events
  • 1 x Lead on ARE Task Force
  • 3 x Additional free entry tickets for events organised by ARE
  • Homepage placement on the ARE website during the Membership period
  • Logo as a supporter in an ARE publication
  • Logo as a supporter in ARE’s annual report
  • 2 x articles in ARE Newsletter
  • 1-hour meeting with ARE CEO every year
  • Video testimonials on ARE media channels
  • Speaking slot in I4E series webinar
  • Banner placement in an edition of the ARE newsletter

Trusted by our Members and Partners

We have worked with ARE on the industry consultation for the EU Technical Facility. We also took part in the DRE Recovery Campaign by providing input but also hearing from other companies. So far, it has been very interesting and important for us to be collaborating with ARE and ARE Members.
Diane Domkam
ENGIE Energy Access
Policy Coordinator
We are glad to be part of the ARE community. The membership has helped us a lot in expanding our network by connecting us with new partners and customers. Especially, EcoPhi was able to increase the visibility significantly by promoting in the various ARE channels. By that, in 2021 (the year we joined ARE), we have seen an increase in requests by more than 40% compared to the previous year. There are lots of opportunities to get in touch within the industry or get important information through many events. Whenever we have specific questions or requests for contacts – the ARE team always knows how to help. We are happy that we've joined ARE and will continue this cooperation in the future.
Maximilian Spannagel
EcoPhi Renewables Engineering
Business Development Manager
ARE has a great network. They introduced us to lots of developers and regulators in multiple markets that we needed to work with in order to get our technology out there. They published our case studies which made a lot of people to reach us and give feedback. Ultimately, this has let us scale up and legitimise our technology.
Afnan Hannan
Building out the deployment of off-grid renewable energy in low- and medium-income countries is crucial to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and delivering positive outcomes for people and communities in rural settings. This partnership brings together two organisations with complementary strengths but a singular aim to drive inclusive, equitable development through the widespread adoption of renewable energy.
Francesco La Camera
One of the activities that we have done through ARE that helped the most was the participation in the ARE Investment Academy. Prior to this, we had limited experience in interacting with investors and raising capital. The Investment Academy introduced us to the language and the processes that are used when seeking and closing investments and it taught us that we had the right to negotiate terms. It also introduced us to programs like GET.invest.
Laura Corcoran
Aptech Africa