E-mobility & DRE Innovations in Emerging Economies

The global mobility sector is increasingly becoming electric as a result of climate action, changing regulatory landscapes, shifting consumer behaviours, as well as technological improvements and reducing costs through innovations in battery technologies and charging infrastructure. This increased focus on […]

Pandemic-resilient communities powered by DRE

COVID-19 has magnified social inequalities and compromised the path towards affordable, reliable and sustainable universal energy access. At the intersection of energy access, climate change and socio-economic development, DRE is as an essential piece for rural communities to recover faster […]

ARE Annual Report 2021

At the start of yet another remarkable year, it is time to take stock to reflect on the successes and challenges that have come our way. For ARE, 2021 was a year of hope as well as action empowering the […]

Understanding the Clean Energy Transition with Community-Driven DRE Projects in Germany and Sub-Saharan Africa

Climate change impacts have accelerated and amplified over the last decades. Extreme weather, natural disasters, economic collapses, food and water insecurity, are all symptoms of this crisis. Similarly, 759 million┬ápeople currently lack access to electricity, while another 2.8 billion┬ástill suffer […]