Publication 25 October, 2022

Pandemic-resilient communities powered by DRE

COVID-19 has magnified social inequalities and compromised the path towards affordable, reliable and sustainable universal energy access. At the intersection of energy access, climate change and socio-economic development, DRE is as an essential piece for rural communities to recover faster and better.

In this year of hope and major political focus on green recovery, the time is now for international funding partners, politicians, government officials, investors and other relevant stakeholders around the world to integrate DRE as a core element of their green recovery plans, allocating the full range of financial solutions at hand and helping build an enabling environment to facilitate the massive deployment of DRE solutions on the ground.

The portfolio of case studies showcases innovative solutions and best practices from successful projects supporting rural communities recover better and faster from the pandemic, with a particular focus on climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience.