Publication 1 December, 2022

E-mobility & DRE Innovations in Emerging Economies

The global mobility sector is increasingly becoming electric as a result of climate action, changing regulatory landscapes, shifting consumer behaviours, as well as technological improvements and reducing costs through innovations in battery technologies and charging infrastructure. This increased focus on sustainable transportation is triggering market growth for electric mobility (e-mobility) solutions and especially electric vehicles.

With an increase of e-mobility solutions powered by decentralised renewable energy (DRE) in rural and peri-urban regions of emerging economies, the potential for these regions to become the frontrunners of the future low-carbon mobility sector is high. This hypothesis is best exemplified by the case studies featured in the publication.

UNIDO ITPO Germany and ARE have joined hands to promote the role of integrated DRE and e-mobility solutions to accelerate the transition to sustainable and decarbonised mobility by showcasing innovative real-life examples from emerging economies. The 13 case studies and an expert interview in this publication highlight key challenges and benefits of this transition, while also proposing key recommendations and a way forward.

This publication is dedicated to all companies taking pioneering steps by incorporating DRE solutions to power e-mobility. This not only boosts labour and economic productivity but also, on a broader scale, increases overall energy efficiency, thereby contributing to the decarbonisation of the mobility sector. The target audience for the publication are private sector companies and investors looking to enter the e-mobility space, the public sector entities considering establishing favourable environments for DRE-powered e-mobility solutions in their respective countries and regions and lastly, the international organisations, civil society, and local communities who are crucial at all levels of the project cycle to ensure their long-term sustainability.