Publication 20 March, 2024

State of the Decentralised Renewable Energy Sector in India: Indian DRE getting world-ready

Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE) has tremendous potential to deliver social as well as economic benefits in a carbon-neutral and equitable manner. This report strongly brings out the multi-faceted potential of DRE in India through inputs from various major stakeholders in the sector.

The report presents useful national-level statistics and also maps a number of case studies from the ground. It puts the state of the DRE sector in India in the context of the global state of the sector.

The report has succeeded in providing a comprehensive and contextualised picture of the DRE sector and is a useful information resource for a wide range of stakeholders from DRE entrepreneurs to policy enablers.

The first article of the publication is penned by the Alliance for Rural Electrification. It gives an overview of the global DRE sector covering deployment statistics, incentives and policies, and case examples of DRE as a game-changer in addressing energy poverty and energy access.