ZAKLANGE ENERGIE is a SARL and a professional training centre created in July 2016 with a capital of 5,000,000 CFA francs. Both the company and the training centre are registered with the Registre de Commerce et de Crédit Mobilier (RCCM) […]


Innovation Building Business (INOV’2B) SAS is a company established under Beninese law in 2018. Its ambition for internationalisation has enabled it to have a subsidiary in Togo since 2020. Its scope of activity covers design, inspection, implementation, servicing and maintenance […]


ZASOLAR is a last-mile distributor of renewable and sustainable energy in Malawi. The company strives to enhance access to affordable renewable and sustainable energy in the last-mile and underserved communities through a distribution network that involves often excluded groups such […]

Clamore Solar Eswatini

Clamore Solar Eswatini is a female owned organisation established to provide energy solutions to the urban and rural communities in Eswatini. We also specialise in development and installation of solar powered solutions, for industries, homes, hospitals, schools, banks, government institutions, […]