• Southern Africa

  • Eswatini
Organisation type:
    Consulting Firms & Advisory Services
    Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Utility companies
Technology type:
    Energy Storage
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Community-based Models
    Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
    Installers & Contractors

Clamore Solar Eswatini

Clamore Solar Eswatini is a female owned organisation established to provide energy solutions to the urban and rural communities in Eswatini. We also specialise in development and installation of solar powered solutions, for industries, homes, hospitals, schools, banks, government institutions, etc.

Our services also include:

  • Development, installation and management of low cost water pumping and irrigation systems for various rural water programs and the sugar cane farmers
  • Development and supply of solar incubators for poultry farmers
  • Development and Installation of Biomass solutions such as bio-digesters, methane purification and liquefaction plants, for rural, farm and urban development programmes
  • The development of alternative rural electrification projects with alternative cooking methods based on biomass solutions and lighting based on solar energy
  • The supply of energy efficient transport, based on renewable energies catering for public transport, and service delivery vehicles and farming equipment
  • The development of efficient and clean waste management systems that benefit communities and provide a “closed – loop” health based solution to waste