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Turbulent Hydro

Turbulent aims to provide even the most remote communities of the world with reliable and affordable energy. We’ve developed a special kind of Vortex Turbine that generates low cost electricity, without the ecological impact, without large civil works, and without the high upfront investment cost. Turbulent’s environmentally friendly hydropower technology (no dams !) is an ideal match for VRE (Variable Renewable Energy), offering continuous electricity 24/7/365 in mini-grids and micro-grids, even featuring dispatchability. Turbulent safely powers critical healthcare infrastructure, telecom, schools, villages, businesses … on a continuous basis, in combination with new (solar) and existing installations.

Turbulent’s R&D has increasingly been focused on the design and development of modular, fish-friendly, submersible vortex generators, making use of small vertical water drops (between 1-5 m), abundant in rivers and canals around the world. With its robust and flood-proof technology, Turbulent moves away from large conventional hydropower with dams and reservoirs, to a sustainable, low-maintenance technology allowing fish, debris and sediments to pass through the installation without impact. Turbulent offers off-grid, micro-grid and on-grid distributed electrification solutions with installed capacities of 15 kW, 30 kW, 50 kW, 70kW per turbine, easily scalable to a combination of multiple turbines to increase capacity.

Turbulent’s headquarters are located in Leuven, Belgium, but the clean energy company is operating worldwide. Turbulent is able to scale rapidly through international distribution co-operations and agreements with local partners and manufacturers. Turbulent successfully introduced fish-friendly turbines on low-head rivers and canals around the globe. Turbulent Hydro has built up-and-running plants in Chile, Indonesia, Estonia and France. More Turbulent Hydro power plants are currently under construction in Portugal, Taiwan, The Philippines, Suriname, Thailand, UK, Congo, USA.

If you have a river with a sudden low gradient drop, you now have power 24/7/365. Go with the flow!

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