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Case study 19 January, 2023 Hydro Other Micro/Mini-grid

Turbulent Hydro – Vortex Energy Systems for an Ecological School (Indonesia)

Who, What & Where

  • Turbulent Hydro
  • Vortex Energy Systems for an Ecological School
  • Bali, Indonesia

The Company

Turbulent aims to provide even the most remote communities of the world with reliable and affordable energy. We’ve developed a special kind of Vortex Turbine that generates low cost electricity, without the ecological impact, without large civil works, and without the high upfront investment cost. Turbulent’s environmentally friendly hydropower technology (no dams !) is an ideal match for VRE (Variable Renewable Energy), offering continuous electricity 24/7/365 in mini-grids and micro-grids, even featuring dispatchability. Turbulent safely powers critical healthcare infrastructure, telecom, schools, villages, businesses … on a continuous basis, in combination with new (solar) and existing installations.

The Challenge

For years, the Green School in Bali has been looking for a replacement for the unreliable and unsustainable electricity of the national grid. The network is very unstable and at the same time they wanted to have an energy source that is coherent with their philosophy. The goal was to produce clean energy from the river.

The COVID-19 pandemic was an additional challenge for the school that had to adapt to remote classes, which needs reliable electricity for the whole community.

Renewable Solution

Hydropower vortex energy systems are characterised by the relatively low complexity of the civil works, installation, and maintenance. By using low head hydropower rivers and canals, the end-customers/users get access to constant and reliable electricity.

Turbulent Vortex Turbines are developed with the help of local contractors.

Turbulent is evaluating the possibility of manufacturing and assembling its systems locally in several emerging countries. In doing so, Turbulent provides efficient energy solutions that have a strong performance at a very low cost, without the need for backup diesel or storage. The solutions installed included a 15 kWp system in Bali.

The turbine is used for autonomous electricity consumption, as well as for educational purposes.

Project Financing and Costs

EUR 50,000

  • Turbulent (project development & technology provider)
  • The Green School: ecological educators

Project Outcome

  • By installing a vortex hydropower system, it is now possible to produce more electricity than the school is using, which they can share with the surrounding community, allowing students and teachers to be in constant contact and continue classes during lockdown.
  • A school with 500 students and four houses connected to green and reliable electricity.
  • Training of local technical team for maintenance.
  • A contractor and technical maintenance jobs created.
  • 62 tonnes of CO2e emissions avoided.
  • 60-80% reduction of electricity costs. The reduction of costs was achieved through the improvement of the grid quality and reliability.

Key Recommendations for International Funding Partners & Regulators

  • Portfolio investment funds should be available to streamline access to finance for smaller projects.
  • Currently, development funds only look at projects with a cost of millions, which then they evolve towards large scale, non-sustainable, non-socially responsible megaprojects.