W. Waterworks

Since 2015, W. Waterworks Ltd has developed a longstanding reputation of offering the best line up of solar energy systems and water engineering solutions within and outside Uganda thanks to our highly experienced professional team [40% women]. Our operations contribute […]

Green Charcoal Uganda

Problem 90% of Uganda’s energy comes from Biomass, only 1% from electricity. Uganda consumes 0.85 million metric tons of wood charcoal annually. With 850,000 households living in the cities of Uganda, 75 million trees are being cut down annually to […]

Ecolife Foods

Ecolife Foods is a for-profit social enterprise that focuses on research, innovation and empowerment of rural communities. We are agro-innovators working with smallholder farmers to come up with solutions for sustainable productivity in Uganda. Our work contributes to SDG1, SDG2 […]


SOSTAP LIMITED, herein referred to as SOSTAP, is a renewable energy business which was incorporated in 2011 and started operations in 2015. SOSTAP supplies, installs and services solar home systems, component based solar systems, and productive use of energy products […]

Smart Villages

Smart Villages Research Group (SVRG) has been active in energy access and rural development since 2012, including large-scale global research and engagement to establish the most effective business models, technologies and community engagement models for sustainable energy access which generates […]

ion Ventures Ltd

ion Ventures is an international developer, expert adviser and partner for the growth of renewable generation, clean electrification schemes and optimised, flexible power infrastructure. ion Ventures has a core focus on clean energy and flexibility technology and its integration into […]

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

IITA, winner of the 2018 Africa FOOD Prize Award, generates agricultural innovations to meet Africa’s most pressing challenges of hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and natural resource degradation. Through our membership of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), IITA has […]


We design and deliver smart control solutions for power generation and energy management that empower the world’s transition to sustainable energy. By combining our expertise, innovative mindset and new technologies, we build highly flexible, intuitive and scalable solutions that support […]

d.light design ltd

d.light design is a global leader and pionner in providing affordable solar energy solutions designed for the two billion people in the world currently without access to reliable energy. Most of the customers we serve don’t have access to reliable power […]


We deliver smart solar solutions that are owned and operated by the people who need them most. Our modular solar energy kits are carefree and help people grow in life and work, no matter where they live. Our grid allows […]