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Green Charcoal Uganda


90% of Uganda’s energy comes from Biomass, only 1% from electricity. Uganda consumes 0.85 million metric tons of wood charcoal annually. With 850,000 households living in the cities of Uganda, 75 million trees are being cut down annually to provide charcoal. Urban household fuel poverty is not a unique problem to Uganda alone. It is a problem of Sub- Saharan Africa and South East Asia.


We manufacture briquette from agricultural waste, working together with the smallholder farmers whom we have trained to char the waste and sell to us. We sell the briquette through supermarkets, petrol stations and various charcoal kiosks in town. Our briquette burns more efficiently and is 20% cheaper than wood charcoal.

Our locally fabricated kiln achieve very good conversion percentage of 40%, which is in line with the UN recommended ratio. Local charcoal burners are wasteful, achieving as low as 10%.