KAMIM Technologies

KAMIM Technologies LTD is a leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company, renowned for developing bespoke renewable energy solutions tailored to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our expertise extends beyond conventional offerings to include specialized systems designed specifically for […]

WeLight Africa

Founded in 2018 by Axian, Sagemcom, and Norfund, WeLight Africa has emerged as a pioneering force in rural electrification across sub-Saharan Africa. B Corp certified and as an impact driver, WeLight contributes to energy inclusion on the African continent and […]


SOSTAP LIMITED, herein referred to as SOSTAP, is a renewable energy business which was incorporated in 2011 and started operations in 2015. SOSTAP supplies, installs and services solar home systems, component based solar systems, and productive use of energy products […]

NewAfrica Bioenergy

NewAfrica is a developer, part-owner and operator of distributed renewable energy (RE) assets based on a robust waste (agriculture and forest residuals) to RE model in Africa. It provides a new RE business model offering 24/7 electricity and heat for […]

ion Ventures Ltd

ion Ventures is an international developer, expert adviser and partner for the growth of renewable generation, clean electrification schemes and optimised, flexible power infrastructure. ion Ventures has a core focus on clean energy and flexibility technology and its integration into […]


dpSun® is a research and development company committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions predominantly in Africa and the Indo-Pacific. Renowned for its expertise in grid stabilisation, off-grid electrification, energy storage, eMobility, and Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), dpSun has established a […]


Tanatech is a company founded in 2009, which started by successfully distributing various solar kit components for the Malagasy market. Specialised in supplying, installing SHS and on/off-grid systems, solar water pumping and solar water heater systems on a national scale. […]

Clamore Solar Eswatini

Clamore Solar Eswatini is a female owned organisation established to provide energy solutions to the urban and rural communities in Eswatini. We also specialise in development and installation of solar powered solutions, for industries, homes, hospitals, schools, banks, government institutions, […]

Lighthouse Africa Investments

A renewable energy technology company. Our Services: Energy Auditing, Solar Power Plants, Wind Power Plants, Biomass-Biochar Plants, EPC Commissioning of all related projects and O&M.


Arnergy Solar is a distributed utility that designs, manufactures and offers commoditized solar systems + lithium storage solutions. Our vision is to provide sustainable solutions to energy reliability issues across emerging markets. Founded in 2013, Arnergy designs, manufactures and commoditizes […]