• West Africa

  • Senegal
Organisation type:
    Energy service providers
Technology type:
    Energy Storage
    Inverters/Power Components
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
    Pay-as-you-go & Leasing
    Pay-to-Own & Ownership Models

Plateforme Énergétique de Mbiddi

Our electrified business park management company has a dual mission: to provide suitable infrastructure and to promote a sustainable energy transition for small businesses. Specialising in the rental of Nubian vault buildings and the sale of solar energy to small businesses operating in a variety of sectors, we provide an environment conducive to their growth. Our approach goes beyond simple rental to include personalised support and close monitoring of their progress.

We firmly believe in the importance of diversifying activities to stimulate local development. To this end, we work closely with our customers to help them explore new business opportunities and add significant value to the rural community. Through our expertise in business park management and our commitment to renewable energy, we are helping to create a dynamic environment where businesses thrive while respecting the environment.