20 November, 2023 News

ARE, in collaboration with GET.invest, successfully executes Eswatini Investment Academy to foster DRE growth

From 10 October to 20 November 2023, ARE and GET.invest joined forces to implement the Eswatini Investment Academy. The primary objective of this comprehensive training initiative was to identify and empower 10 early-stage DRE companies based in Eswatini. The programme focused on delivering dedicated training in business and project development, finance readiness, and effective pitching strategies. Moreover, it provided a unique platform for these companies to showcase their business models to international investors, fostering potential collaborations.

The academy featured four distinct modules covering the finance landscape for DRE projects, business plan development, pitch deck creation, and a pitching ceremony. While the first three modules were conducted virtually, the final module took place in person, coinciding with the EU Green Power Transformation Forum. A total of five outstanding companies were selected as finalists for the pitching ceremony.

Feedback from pre- and post-academy surveys revealed that the expectations of the participants were not only met but, in some cases, exceeded. The companies derived significant benefits from the diverse insights and lessons shared by DRE investors serving as trainers, the well-structured module content, and the overall quality of the training programme. The Eswatini Investment Academy provided a valuable opportunity to connect investors with potential projects through participant pitches.

ARE looks forward to continue facilitating similar capacity-building initiatives in the DRE sector, striving collectively toward the universal goal of electrification.