GET.invest is a European programme which supports investments in decentralised renewable energy projects. The programme targets private sector business and project developers, financiers and regulators to build sustainable energy markets.

Services include project and business development support, market information as well as matchmaking, and assistance in implementing regulatory processes. They are delivered globally and across different market segments.

GET.invest is supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria, and works closely with initiatives and industry associations in the energy sector. Learn more on the GET.invest website:

The ARE-GET.invest Cooperation

ARE and GET.invest work towards the common goal of advancing the development and bankability of decentralised renewable energy projects in developing markets.

Based on this shared objective, ARE and GET.invest cooperate on several activities in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific region, including information and matchmaking events with developers, financiers and government officials, capacity building activities for the public and private sector, as well as outreach and mobilisation activities, such as workshops, webinars and business delegations.

The cooperation falls into a more extensive effort on part of GET.invest to mobilise and empower local and international business associations in the renewable energy sector.