3 May, 2024 Member article

Zimpertec & Odyssey Energy Solutions team up to offer SHS with flexible payment options

Odyssey Energy Solutions, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ARE Member Zimpertec, a renowned manufacturer of off-grid solar home systems (SHS).

The agreement was officially signed at the end of last year. Through this collaboration, Odyssey will offer Zimpertec’s reliable and efficient LS-AC 2kW series solar home systems on its platform, with a focus on empowering developers and asset owners in Nigeria and South Africa. This partnership aims to increase access to clean and affordable solar power for homes and businesses in these regions by combining high-quality solar technology with innovative financing solutions.

Key highlights of this new partnership:

  • Enhanced product offering: Odyssey will provide access to Zimpertec’s durable and efficient LS-AC 2kW series systems featuring long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries for extended lifespan and reliable energy storage.
  • Flexible capacity options (2.56kWh and 5.12kWh) to cater to diverse needs. Versatile AC and DC power outputs to run various appliances and lighting.
  • Procurement finance: Odyssey’s pioneering procurement and construction finance programme will be available for Zimpertec systems purchased through our platform. This programme significantly reduces the upfront financial burden associated with solar installations, making them more accessible for you all, developers and asset owners.
  • Targeted geographic focus: The partnership will initially focus on Nigeria and South Africa, with the potential to expand to other African countries in the future.

This collaboration between Odyssey and Zimpertec is expected to:

  1. Accelerate the adoption of off-grid solar solutions in Nigeria and South Africa.
  2. Empower developers and asset owners to bring the benefits of clean and reliable solar power to more communities.
  3. Make solar power installations more financially viable through flexible payment options.

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in tackling the energy challenges in Africa, expanding access to clean and affordable solar power in Africa. By combining innovative technology with flexible financing solutions, Odyssey Energy Solutions and Zimpertec are poised to empower communities and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

“Odyssey is a very renowned brand in the off-grid world; it is a great honour for us to collaborate with them. The Procurement Financing offer from Odyssey is a great chance to accelerate access to high-quality solutions, enabling installers and distributors to bridge their cash flow.”Ulrich Zimmermann, COO Zimpertec

“We are excited to partner with Zimpertec, a company renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in the off-grid solar sector,” said Ranni Zhang, OEMs Manager at Odyssey Energy Solutions. “This collaboration perfectly aligns with our mission to make clean energy accessible and affordable for all. By combining Zimpertec’s best-in-class technology with our Procurement Finance programme, we are confident that we can significantly contribute to expanding access to solar power in Africa.”