18 December, 2023 News

Two impactful radio interviews, led by ARE, shed light on the pivotal role of DRE in green rural job creation

The Alliance for Rural Electrification led two interviews in the Citi FM to promote the role of decentralised renewable energy in creating green jobs.

In Ghana, the interview featured key experts Richard Hammond MBA, Off-grid Energy Specialist – Anglophone West Africa, USAID WAEP and Seth Magbeve Mahu, Deputy Director, Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy. Speakers highlighted DRE’s swift electrification of remote areas, its economic and social benefits, and its potential to generate direct and indirect jobs. They stressed the crucial role of the private sector, requiring government facilitation, and addressed challenges in implementing costly mini-grids, emphasising the need for government subsidies and public-private partnerships.

In Senegal, Abdoulaye Ba, Vice-Président – Coperes, and Abdou DIOP, Directeur Projet Accès – MCA Sénégal II, emphasised the global significance of DRE for job creation and its role in achieving universal access. They advocated for private sector involvement, sustainability through local capacity building, and a holistic approach for women and youth in rural development.

Explore the insightful interviews for Ghana and Senegal, and delve into the details of our comprehensive publication on the subject in English and French!

Listen on Spotify (2:25min to 2:43min)