SAO Energy

SAO Energy Services Africa Ltd was founded in 2017 as a portfolio company of SAO Group, a social impact investment and advisory firm. This was due to the pressing need for electricity in the Nigerian Health sector as we realised […]


ZAKLANGE ENERGIE is a SARL and a professional training centre created in July 2016 with a capital of 5,000,000 CFA francs. Both the company and the training centre are registered with the Registre de Commerce et de Crédit Mobilier (RCCM) […]

Yeelen Kura

SSD FRES Mali Yeelen Kura SA, one of the regional affiliates of FRES, is a public limited company incorporated under Malian law and created in 1997 by Electricité de France (EDF) and NUON of the Netherlands. The company’s objective is […]

ReNewGen Burundi

Our unique strategy of working with reputable MFIs (Microfinance Institutions) enables us to boost sales to a high level of satisfaction. For example, FENACOBU has 600,000 customers and UCODE has 100,000 customers. If our company works with at least 20% […]

Plateforme Énergétique de Mbiddi

Our electrified business park management company has a dual mission: to provide suitable infrastructure and to promote a sustainable energy transition for small businesses. Specialising in the rental of Nubian vault buildings and the sale of solar energy to small […]


Innovation Building Business (INOV’2B) SAS is a company established under Beninese law in 2018. Its ambition for internationalisation has enabled it to have a subsidiary in Togo since 2020. Its scope of activity covers design, inspection, implementation, servicing and maintenance […]

Farafina Eco-Engineering

Established in Burkina Faso in 2017, Farafina Eco-Engineering is a social enterprise working for access to energy and water for all, especially the most vulnerable. With a team of young professionals, we offer innovative, sustainable solutions adapted to the local […]


ETES Burkina SARL is a company specialising in water, energy and the environment. Our company is managed by two engineers specialising in water, energy and the environment. We employ men and women and contribute to the professional training of young […]


Riltexsolar is a service provider of renewable energy to both rural and urban area communities. Our main activities are: water supply for domestic, irrigation and livestock productive use of renewable energy (PURE). We develop systems that tap water form boreholes, […]

Lanforce Energy

Lanforce is a women led for profit social enterprise in the renewable energy sector constructing and installing biogas digesters on credit. In 2018, Judith Marera established Lanforce as a project to sell biogas digesters. The project was intended to understand […]