19 February, 2024 Member article

Sustain Solar SUSTAIN BOXES™ lighting the way for Malawi’s clinics

Installed during late 2022 and early 2023 by International Power Control Systems (IPCS), the SUSTAIN BOXTM systems, developed by ARE Member Sustain Solar, power two health clinics with off-grid renewable power with 99% uptime using solar PV and Li-ion batteries. The energy is utilised by clinic staff to power vaccine fridges, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, suction pumps, examination lights, and autoclave equipment, critical for maternal and newborn care, vaccine rollout, under-five services, family planning services, sexually transmitted/infection treatment services, and out-patient department services (OPD). Collectively, these clinics serve a population of 52,679 people with an average of 715 patients per month.

Additionally, the mid-sized systems are robust enough to provide energy for staff quarters at the Mindanti Health Centre which improves the retention of clinicians.

IPCS is an established Power Control and Renewable Energy organisation, supplying and supporting products and services across Malawi. The organisation is not only proud to be a pioneer of renewable energy in Malawi but also to make a conscious decision to provide ONLY reputable and reliable products and services in the industry. They remain a respected, dependable supplier in the market as – in addition to providing the products – they are adequately resourced to provide full backup support of global standards.

International Power Control Systems is proud to be associated with SustainSolar and will continue to encourage the market to focus on lithium solar solutions for sustainability.

Interesting Fact: At Mindanti Health Centre, IPCS is testing a scalable “Productive Use of Energy” business model which uses excess power from the SUSTAIN BOXTM to sell backup power to a paying ward. This is a critical innovation that will ensure the SUSTAIN BOXTM and PV system operate reliably for decades to come.