12 January, 2023 Member article

SunCulture begins selling carbon credits

22 December 2022 – This quarter, ARE Member SunCulture Kenya has begun to sell its first carbon credits. Additionally, they have raised funding via a Result Based Financing (RBF) grant, which aims to mimic a high price of the carbon offsets. SunCulture will use carbon revenue and RBF to reduce the cost of the adoption of solar irrigation systems.

This Kenya-wide initiative will focus on farmers with access to water and the aim is to reach low-income smallholder farming households who have all been affected by the current economic downturn and climate change. This promotion will support increased climate resilience and adaptation through increased productivity, income and quality of life.

SunCulture aims that a limited number of units run on a CASH and PAYGrow price reduction (details below) of their low-cost products ClimateSmart Direct and RainMaker2C Kubwa. Only units that are sold and installed in Kenya are eligible for the discount.