7 February, 2024 Member article

Storengy & SkySails Power GmbH successfully advance high-altitude wind energy generation project

ENGIE Group and ARE Member SkySails Power GmbH are at the forefront of pioneering renewable energy solutions, having achieved a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts to harness high-altitude winds. The partners have received positive first feedback from local authorities for a pilot project designed to power the gas storage facility Peckensen with renewable energy from Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) and solar photovoltaic energy.

A key breakthrough in the project’s progression was the favourable preliminary evaluation following the authorisation procedure of the “Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz (BImSchG)”. It assesses the acceptability of the effects of a facility on people, animals, plants, ground, water, atmosphere, culture, and other protected goods in the relevant area. The positive result means that the local authorities see a high potential for the project to be implemented at the Peckensen location without negative effects. “This is the first positive BImSchG assessment for AWE facilities in the world. It is an important success for our project and another key step in our efforts to further reduce the carbon footprint of our underground storage facilities”, comments Christophe Merlo, Business Development Manager at Storengy Deutschland.

The primary objective of the collaboration of the ENGIE subsidiaries Storengy and Laborelec with SkySails Power is to evaluate more sustainable, secure and resource-friendly energy supply solutions. For the gas storage Peckensen, a mix of AWE and solar energy in combination with a redox flow battery is planned to be realized in the project “Aquilon”. Notably, this project is funded by the European Union’s innovation fund, underscoring its significance in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

“We’re excited about the positive preliminary evaluation and glad to have ENGIE on board as a valued customer and partner in taking airborne wind energy to the next level. This is the first step to proving SkySails power systems can be authorised in Germany, following standard procedures,” says Stephan Wrage, CEO and founder of SkySails. He points out that the potential for high-altitude wind energy is impressive in onshore locations where traditional wind turbines are not suitable: In Germany alone, the capacity reaches the order of dozens of gigawatts.”High-altitude wind energy has great potential to contribute to a shift towards sustainable energy. The evaluation is another step in implementing it into the mix of renewable energies in Germany.”