22 July, 2022 Member article

SolarX and Schneider Electric join forces to support the development of microgrids in French-speaking Africa

15 July 2022 – In Africa, solar mini-grids are one of the preferred options for providing access to electricity. Indeed, the decentralisation of solar allows millions of people not connected to the network to benefit from clean and financially accessible electricity.

French multinational and ARE Member Schneider Electric and renewable energy company SolarX have announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership that aims to integrate technological solutions into deployed solar photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial customers in French-speaking countries in Africa.

This partnership, combining Schneider Electric’s technology offering and SolarX’s strong local expertise, will provide consumers with smart technologies that will maximise the performance of solar electricity microgrids as well as competitive financial offers.

The partnership between SE and SolarX to deliver world-class technology to commercial and industrial customers in Francophone Africa is a clear indication of our shared commitment to growing our presence in the region. […] Working as a team, we will unlock market potential in the region and ensure SolarX customers receive the best technology offerings,” said Matthieu Meunier, senior executive at Schneider Electric.

The two partners are very active in West Africa, particularly in French-speaking countries. SolarX is already established in Mali and Burkina Faso and is looking to expand into Niger and Senegal. Schneider Electric, after partnering with Qbera in 2020, continues to expand its offer of off-grid systems in Africa, with this new partnership.

Our partnership with Schneider Electric is highly valued and welcome. As we expand into Niger and Senegal, expanding our current portfolio in Mali and Burkina Faso, this partnership will allow us not only to take advantage of the opportunities available in Francophone Africa, but also to provide competitive offers to our customers,” said Karim Ghammache, CEO of SolarX.