Publication 28 July, 2020

Best Practices for Electrifying Rural Health Care Facilities with Decentralised Renewables

Electricity is a prerequisite to enable health services for every health care facility around the globe. While the struggle of rural communities to access quality health services has long been a critical issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential role that electricity plays in rural health care facilities.

Against this emergency background, DRE solutions offer the cleanest, cheapest and smartest solution to electrify rural health care facilities in most cases. DRE is not just an essential pillar to empower health care facilities and vulnerable citizens in their fight against COVID-19, but also a promising catalyst to power tomorrow’s local economies and speed up post-disease socio-economic recovery.

By showcasing 16 case studies from ARE Members, as well as providing core recommendations for international funding partners, philanthropies and governments building on those, this publication aims to:

  • Demonstrate the ability of DRE solutions to quickly deliver sustainable, reliable power to rural health care facilities, helping such projects to attract more investment;
  • Serve as inspiration for new DRE projects and support vulnerable communities in their fight against and subsequent recovery to the global health crisis.

The publication was published by ARE with the support of GET.invest.