17 June, 2024 Member article

One smart solution for PAYG & carbon credits for solar water pumps

Aptech Africa

In the quest to provide sustainable water solutions and reduce carbon emissions, ARE Member ennos.ch has teamed up with Innovex.org Uganda and Carbonclear.earth to offer an innovative approach integrating Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology with carbon credit generation for solar water pumps. This partnership brings significant benefits to both local users and global CO2 emitters.

ennos.ch is a Swiss company dedicated to creating sustainable water solutions. Their flagship product, the sunlight pump, is an efficient surface solar-powered water pump designed to meet the needs of small-scale farmers and remote communities. By integrating Innovex’s REMOT device, ennos.ch enables a seamless PAYG system that allows users to pay for their water in flexible instalments, making the technology accessible and affordable, as well as calculating CO2 savings.

PAYG technology: Empowering last-mile users

REMOT is a cloud-based IoT platform with low-cost smart IoT hardware that can

  • read the performance of the sunlight pump and store those data;
  • automatically transmit energy consumption to Carbonclear.earth to calculate CO2 savings
  • manage customer data and payments efficiently and easily.

Remote monitoring & theft prevention

The REMOT platform offers different features for remote monitoring, including the ability to switch pumps on and off and track their locations via GPRS. This significantly reduces the risk of theft, as stolen pumps can be easily located and recovered. This advanced monitoring ensures that the pumps operate efficiently and remain secure, providing peace of mind to the users and service providers.

Carbon credits: A win-win for all

The CO2 savings from the sunlight pump calculated by Carbonclear.earth generate carbon credits with a double benefit. For Western CO2 emitters, purchasing these credits helps them meet their emissions reduction goals and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. For local solar pump users, the revenue from carbon credit sales funds essential after-sales services and maintenance. This ensures the longevity and efficiency of the pumps, fostering a sustainable business model and continuous access to clean water.


ennos.ch, through its innovative sunlight pump and strategic partnerships with Innovex.org Uganda and Carbonclear.earth, stands as a leader in providing sustainable, reliable, and accessible water solutions. By integrating PAYG technology and carbon credit generation, ennos.ch not only addresses water needs sustainably but also creates a model that benefits the environment, supports small-scale farmers, and provides a new revenue stream for renewable energy projects.

For more information, visit ennos.ch, Innovex Uganda, and Carbonclear.earth.