• West Africa

  • Mali
Organisation type:
    Energy service providers
Technology type:
    Solar PV
Business model:

Yeelen Kura

SSD FRES Mali Yeelen Kura SA, one of the regional affiliates of FRES, is a public limited company incorporated under Malian law and created in 1997 by Electricit√© de France (EDF) and NUON of the Netherlands. The company’s objective is to provide energy services from power generation facilities, on a financially profitable basis to ensure the sustainability of the services. The company’s activities began in June 2001, and the Foundation Rural Energy Services (FRES) assumed the role of main shareholder in 2009.

In Mali, the company operates 14 mini-grids in 14 villages. The company also offers individual solar solutions (SHS). To date, FRES Mali has almost 10,000 subscribers, 45% of whom are connected to mini-grids and 55% to solar kits.

In addition to mini-grids and SHS’, the company also has nano-grid systems, a small neighbour-to-neighbour network that can serve up to eight customers. Pilot experiments in solar pumping have been carried out for two women’s cooperatives.