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TFE Africa (Pty) Ltd

TFE is a not your usual consultancy, we are small, dynamic, based in Africa and fully staffed by Africans. Our story starts at the coal face of energy access, delivering some of the pioneering and award winning mini-grids in Kenya and developing the technology and commercial models to make them viable. We developed some of the earliest smart meter technology that allowed customers to buy energy using their phones and turning these remote energy systems into bankable assets. This combination of hard-won, on-ground know how, digital literacy and practiced commercial entrepreneurship has carried through to our consultancy work. We are considered to be leaders in frontier market intelligence writing analytic reports on the role of innovative financial mechanisms and advising on digital strategy for clients including the AfDB, UNDP, GET.invest and more.

We are recognised for our exemplary analysis, deep market understanding and the high quality of our outputs.


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