• West Africa

  • Nigeria
Organisation type:
    Consulting Firms & Advisory Services
    Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Product sales & distribution companies
    Project developers
Technology type:
    Energy Storage
    Inverters/Power Components
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Commercial & Industrial Use (C&I)
    Community-based Models
    Public Utility & Municipal (Grid/Mini-grid/Microgrid/Standalone Systems)

SAO Energy

SAO Energy Services Africa Ltd was founded in 2017 as a portfolio company of SAO Group, a social impact investment and advisory firm. This was due to the pressing need for electricity in the Nigerian Health sector as we realised 95% of the 34,000 primary healthcare centres (PHCs) serving over 191 million Nigerians are without adequate and reliable power supply.

SAO Energy provides low cost renewable energy solutions to underserved communities across Nigeria in the bid to reduce energy poverty in rural Africa. Our solutions are tailor-made for each community we identify, we do this to improve healthcare delivery, power households and small businesses to bridge energy and improve livelihoods.