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nOa climate GmbH

As nOa climate, we are a German company at the forefront of environmental innovation, dedicated to creating a sustainable future. Our mission revolves around developing and manufacturing eco-friendly products that make a significant impact on the natural environment and climate change.

Our signature product, the nOa one, epitomizes our commitment to sustainable living. This off-grid micro biogas system is designed to meet the energy needs of households small scale farmers and small businesses, offering a greener alternative for daily energy consumption. With the capability to generate around 6kWh to 60kWh of heat energy per day, nOa one is perfect for clean cooking and water heating. We have 4 different sizes 2.5m³ 5m³ 12.5m³ 25m³

Our approach extends beyond just providing renewable energy solutions. We are also focused on improving sanitation by transforming human waste into energy. This not only addresses environmental concerns but also promotes cleaner and healthier living conditions.

Our efforts are particularly impactful in developing countries, where we provide sustainable alternatives to non-renewable biomass fuels like wood and charcoal. This not only helps in reducing deforestation but also plays a crucial role in fighting climate change. Additionally, by replacing traditional wood fires with our clean, renewable energy sources, we significantly improve family health in these regions. Our systems also produces organic liquid fertilizer, that can be used or sold locally.

At nOa climate, we are also actively involved in community projects that aim to restore the social-environmental balance. Our products and initiatives are aligned with numerous United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, underscoring our dedication to global sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship.

We are proud to be a leader in leveraging technology and innovation to pave the way towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Our commitment to environmental health and renewable energy solutions is at the core of everything we do at nOa climate.