• Southern Africa

  • Zimbabwe
Organisation type:
    Technology Suppliers & Innovators
Technology type:
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Pay-as-you-go & Leasing
    Pay-to-Own & Ownership Models

Lanforce Energy

Lanforce is a women led for profit social enterprise in the renewable energy sector constructing and installing biogas digesters on credit. In 2018, Judith Marera established Lanforce as a project to sell biogas digesters. The project was intended to understand the needs of the customers and the market dynamics that has later informed the growth strategy of the company. Lanforce sells biogas digesters and appliances.

Lanforce sells two types of digesters: Traditional fixed dome digesters that are constructed by skilled masons of Lanforce; immovable and buried underground and modern tubular, prefabricated, portable digesters systems that are procured from