• West Africa

  • Nigeria
Organisation type:
    Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Technology Suppliers & Innovators
Technology type:
    Energy Storage
    Inverters/Power Components
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Commercial & Industrial Use (C&I)
    Community-based Models
    Financial Institutions & Investors
    Pay-as-you-go & Leasing
    Pay-to-Own & Ownership Models

Instant Energy

Instant Energy, is a cleantech company with a mission to provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy access to underserved households and businesses in emerging markets in Africa, with a critical focus on Nigeria.

We are a technology-driven energy-as-a-service platform that offers clean energy solutions to households and businesses. We seek to leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide personalised and efficient energy solutions. We provide access to financing options for clean energy solutions, such as solar panels, batteries, and microgrid systems, through partnerships with banks, microfinance institutions, and other financiers. Our platform also provides easy bill payment options and real-time energy usage monitoring, helping consumers better understand and manage their energy consumption.

Our solution uses technology and financial expertise to offer affordable financing options. We use AI-powered algorithms to assess creditworthiness and risk, enabling us to provide low-cost financing options to our customers.