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Organisation type:
    Renewable Energy Solution Provider
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    Energy Storage
    Inverters/Power Components
    Solar PV
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    Hybrid Models
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    Software as a Service (SaaS) & Digital Platforms

Off-Grid Europe GmbH

Off-Grid Europe GmbH (OGE) is a German company specializing in renewable energy technology with a core expertise in PV and Battery energy storage systems. Our comprehensive services cover analysis and system design, as well as EPC: Engineering, Procurement, Construction. 

With our smart software solution, the Off-Grid Controller, we ensure efficient monitoring and management of our systems. Our portfolio includes Mini-Grids, Solar Home Systems and Much Cooler, a cutting-edge cooling solution for the agricultural sector.

At Off-Grid Europe, we are committed to innovation, constantly optimizing our technology to combat energy poverty and contribute to the green transition. We offer end-to-end solutions that empower our customers to embrace sustainable energy.