• West Africa

  • Niger
Organisation type:
    Product sales & distribution companies
    Project developers
Technology type:
    Solar PV
Business model:
    Community-based Models
    Dealers & Distributors


Gimafor is a limited liability company, founded in Niamey in October 2012 with 100% Nigerian shareholders. Solar photovoltaic is our core business, Gimafor operates in six areas of project development:

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Project development & execution
  3. Energy system sizing
  4. Monitoring & maintenance
  5. Training/Consulting & energy audit
  6. Research/development innovation

Gimafor stands out as a social enterprise, while generating profits. Our projects focus on the productive uses of solar PV energy (solar pumping, solar grain mill service, solar irrigation, conservation, processing of agri-food products) and aims at empowering women and young people.

With the support of partners such as IRC, World Vision, CTB, PCCN-UNHCR, SNV, etc., we have distributed +10,000 solar lamps in refugee camps, and built three multiservice solar platforms for the benefit of three off-grid communities.