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EnerKíte – Airborne Wind Energy Converters

EnerKíte is a German Berlin-based company that develops airborne wind energy converters (AWEC) a new wind energy technology that uses strong and steady high-altitude winds to generate power with the help of kites. Airborne wind energy systems can harvest twice as much wind energy as conventional wind turbines and produce five times more power than photovoltaic.

They use less than a tenth of the material than conventional wind turbines. Easy transport, quick commissioning, and very constant and stable power production over the year even at low winds allow us to address regions that are at present not suitable for wind energy and create new markets for the wind energy sector.

From small-scale systems for distributed wind energy, mini or micro-grids, self-supply up to utility-scale systems: At every scale, airborne wind energy systems are economically viable. As stand-alone or in a windfarm setup: The levelised costs of energy (LCOE) are in a range that makes green power accessible in low-income countries.