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EMPO-NI Off-grid Solutions

EMPO-NI off-grid solutions was founded in 2008 in Düsseldorf and is specialized in the development construction and production of Solar Direct Drives and battery charge controllers for off-grid applications.

Our experienced engineering team having great expertise in software engineering, analog and digitalcircuit design as well as power electronics design develops reliable and cost efficient solutions MADE IN GERMANY for the energy supply needs of our worldwide customers up to a range of 1MW. State of the art CAD design, circuit simulation and analysis tools with rapid prototyping capability shortens time to market and provides short term solutions to our customers.


The Solar Direct Drive products provide maximum power point controlled energy efficient source for any 3-phase induction motor out of a suitable PV- panel array. It is widely used in pump application like irrigation systems and productive use. The range today covers small 1,5kW (SDD1.5kW-425V) as well as the 5.5kW (SDD5.5kW-850V) motor range.

1.Solar panel integrated battery charge controller  SOLmini with optimized PWM technology for crystalline as well as for the emerging Thin-film PV technology ranging from 5V to 48V.LiIon solar charging technology with MPPT for LiIon batteries and autonomous (hybrid) power supplies.

Our SOLmini series is our a hundred thousand times proven easy-to-use and reliable battery charge controller solution that instead of having an own housing is directly implemented into the IP65 protected junction box of a PV-panel. Robustness and modularity paired with a high protection degree has been our motivation to develop this versatile technology suitable for small supplies for basic power supplies for lighting or mobile phones and up to Golf Cars charge demands of 48V battery systems.

2.Solar Direct Drives (SDD) for 3-phase standard industrial induction motors also customized with system control function and GSM connectivity. SDDs provide 3-phase AC supply for induction motors from a PV-panel array.

3. Replacement of inefficient single phase motors in any motor driven, EMPO-NI industrial drive kits use a minimum amount of standard PV panels. EMPO-NI industrial induction motors are optimized to operate at low voltage.

4.  EMPO-NI oil press PV off-grid kit with temperature controlled oil press based on EMPO-NI’s Solar Direct Drive. All our products and system solutions are ENGINEERED and MADE IN GERMANY – we care and design-in exceptional quality into our reliable products. All models of the SDD except the small SDD1.5kW-425V have a GSM option to control, e.g. to start, stop and analyse the drive condition by simple SMS communication. Today’s SDDs are all IP54 protected, totally passively cooled and cover a very wide input voltage range.

By passive cooling our Solar Direct Drives make the motor to the last part of the system having rotating parts and requiring regular maintenance which significantly improves the total reliability of the system.

Based on our many trusting projects in many countries in Southern Europe, the MENA region, Africa, Oceania,  Bangladesh and India, we have developed many-sided partnerships with our diverse companies over the years. We would like to use the synergies from these partners for further projects on the mutual win-win situation and grow with our experience.