• Eastern Africa

  • Kenya
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    Technology Suppliers & Innovators
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    Energy Storage
    Solar PV

ByKe – ETT Limited

We are keen to understand two problems, both of which occur in rural off-grid Africa. These are; access to electricity of which approximately 620 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack and access to affordable, reliable mobility. For rural, off-grid communities, nano, micro and mini-grids are still inaccessible hence our assertion that electricity access has to be decarbonised, digitalised and ultra-decentralised. Therefore, we design and assemble light electric tricycles Рessentially, a solar-home system on wheels. The TryKe is our flagship product. It has a battery capacity of 1.6 kWh which allows it to provide affordable sustainable mobility and further productive use with the ability to carry 250 kg of payload over a 50-100 km range at maximum speeds of 25 kph. Being 100% solar-powered, our TryKe provides access to affordable physical mobility and demonstrable social mobility.


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