• Eastern Africa

  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
Organisation type:
    Energy service providers
    Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Project developers
Technology type:
Business model:
    Community-based Models
    Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Anzana Electric Group (formerly Virunga Power)

“Anzana” is derived from “anza”, meaning “to begin”, and “zana” meaning “tool” in Swahili. Anzana represents our belief that access to reliable, affordable power is a vital first step toward economic and social development in the modern world. As Anzana, we will continue to drive positive change and create lasting impact in the communities we serve. Since 2011, Virunga Power has grown to become a prominent player in the African energy landscape, tirelessly working to develop utility-scale electrification projects across East and Southern Africa. Our goal is to bring power to communities that currently lack reliable access to modern energy. Today, we are proud to present our new brand, Anzana Electric Group. This change reflects our growth and evolution as we take on an even bigger role in providing high-quality energy access across Africa.

Through our team of professionals experienced in development, investment, and operations of renewable generation and grid distribution infrastructure, we’re dedicated to Powering African Opportunity. We strive to build the essential tools for sustainable development and economic growth, as we continue to expand our reach and impact under the Anzana Electric Group brand.


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