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Organisation type:
    Small or Medium Enterprise
Technology type:
    Energy Storage
Business model:


Light Electric Vehicles from deliver people, goods and services where access to markets is denied by poor transport infrastructure.

Our LEVs are designed to travel the paths, tracks and broken roads, connecting village to village and then village to global marketplace at a granular level.

Our signature approach is the introduction of franchised mini- and micro-factories that construct, assemble, sell and warranttee the vehicles locally.

This distributed manufacturing means the bikes are made in Africa, made for Africa, and the microfactories are African owned.

In this way, Anywhere.Berlin is both a purpose built economic accelerator for African business and a blueprint for removing fossil driven logistics in the rural context.

Our vehicles offer the income stream to sustain mini- and micro-grids, and we do it in the way that Africa knows best: local.

Not just the last mile, but also the first ten.


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