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Organisation type:
    Technology Suppliers & Innovators
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    Community-based Models
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Achelous Energy Limited

Achelous Energy Limited (AEL) was established in the UK in 2017 as a specialist cleantech development company. The company’s key focus is the creation of scalable, hydrokinetic (or “run-of- river”) renewable energy technology. This technology utilises the same basic resource as traditional hydropower to generate electricity, but without the need for costly and environmentally harmful dams.

In a world striving to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate energy poverty, AEL’s patented “FITS” power plant solution supports end users and customers by providing access to clean, affordable, sustainable and consistent energy. Achelous Energy is positioned to fast become one of the leading technology and energy project developers within this under-exploited and global market, able to supply turnkey solutions to a broad customer base.