25 July, 2023 Member article

Meet a Member: Sandra Liz Hon, Director, H2 Energy

1. What inspired your entry into the decentralised renewable energy sector and what was your journey to get to where you are today?

Our entry was sparked by the invitation from the Health Ministry to pilot a rural clinic electrification in Malaysia. Miniaturising a utility-scale solution was a huge technological challenge. We also engaged and involved stakeholders in all aspects of the pilot.

2. Briefly describe your company’s role in the sector.

As an integrated green solutions provider for off-grid electrification using our proprietary H2Energy system, we focus on projects where we can add value and create jobs. We provide solutions to problems, work with local people, develop and strengthen sustainable ecosystems.

3. What is your long-term vision for the energy sector and your company?

We aim to be a leading hydrogen proponent for rural communities globally. We aspire to be at the forefront of a clean energy future, creating jobs, nurturing industry, ever-improving, and scaling towards utility-type projects while achieving sustainability goals and initiatives.

4. How do you ensure both profitability and environmental sustainability in your business?

We must be very nimble as we have to constantly improve design of our solutions, reduce and manage our costs, create value and jobs in global markets, all in a sustainable manner.

5. What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs in the decentralised renewable energy sector?

Prepare to go through steep learning curves as one would need to deal with stakeholders at every level and existing players, as well as dealing with government agencies and programmes. Cookie cutter approaches do not exist in this sector.