Orange Energies


4 years

21 Jun

9 April, 2024

Access Energy & Environment Engineering, Supervisor

Job description

Manage & Control all power requirements and environmental issues.

About the role

Duties and responsibilities

  • Initiate, plan and handle new initiative concerning OPEX saving through all project phases (Dimensioning, proof of concept and needed trials, business case studies, project candidates, tendering, project implementation, acceptance and hand over)
  • Prepare the needed procurement documents (RFPs , IFB,.RFQ ,.etc)
  • Prepare the technical evaluation matrix , installation SOW
  • Analyzing the tenders technically
  • Managing and control energy projects through network as:
  • Hybrid generator batteries
  • Solar cell system
  • DC generator
  • Indoor sites to outdoor sites swap
  • Free cooling swapping

In addition to the normal network expansion

  • New sites
  • Power crisis
  • Power upgrades
    Managing suppliers ,sub- contractors and consultants (PRs , POs , Stock, Work orders, acceptance ,invoices ..etc)
  • Managing all power requirements in core switches and data centers
  • Managing and handling all core and data centers related requirements (Tendering, design implementation & acceptance and sites intervention .etc.
  • Create and innovate the needed energy roadmaps and strategic plans targeting to achieve the required KPIs, Carbon reduction and increase the green footprint
  • Study any new added hardware to the network (BSS or TX) from the energy perspective
  • Pursue the market research to identify opportunities in the new energy enhancements and innovations.
  • Doing all the reporting needed on regular basis power activities, HW stocks, projects progress. etc.
  • Ensuring projects deliverable are meeting stockholders expectations
  • Manage hardware stocks and proceed with the needed orders to maintain smooth flow for the different network expansion projects
  • Working on expansion the monitoring infra-structure (Familiar with monitoring servers, protocols and routings)
  • Enhance and update the required processes to maintain smooth work flow between different teams
  • Achieve full redundancy to make sure critical services are delivered to the customers on time for the necessary of the market competition.
  • Control, facilitate ,solve conflicts, order & coordinate escalated power and environmental cases that require high technical skills

About you

  • Education: B.Sc.of Electrical Power Engineering
  • Experience: Min 4 years, 2 of which in a relevant role

Skills and abilities

  • Computer skills: Microsoft office/Power point
  • Ability to work in different environments
  • Good Communication skills
  • Good interpersonal
  • Ability for multi task