International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)


4 years

5 April

26 March, 2024

Research Associate

Job description

About the role

  • Liaise with different national partners for the effective implementation and collection of quality data of the tricot/1000farms on farm trials and sparse testing for genomic prediction.
  • Provide support for proper designing, management and data collection of multi-location trials on IITA stations.
  • Provide support to the national partners and supervise the effective implementation of multi-location trials management and data collection.
  • Assist in the effective implementation of Rapid Generation Advance (speed breeding).
  • Assist the soybean breeding program in transitioning from Breeding Management System (BMS) to Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) software for soybean germplasm database management, designing trials, data management and statistical analysis.
  • Work closely with the breeder in the field evaluation and selection of superior genotypes and breeding lines for advancement.
  • Support in data curation, data analysis and preparing summary tables.
  • Assist the centralization of the breeding operations.
  • Support post graduate students in designing their thesis research experiments, trial management and data collection.
  • Assist in preparing regular (monthly or quarterly) or annual reports.
  • Assist in the preparation and shipment of seeds of trials to the different partners.
  • Assist in sample collection, sample shipment for genotyping services.
  • Prepare seasonal experimental land requirement plan and submit the request to Farm Unit and follow-up the proper allocation.
  • Perform any other job-related duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.

About you

  • Master’s in plant breeding or related field with a minimum of four (4) years’ experience in plant breeding program or a similar role in a well-structured environment.
  • Previous experience in managing plant breeding trials.
  • Experience in statistical analyses, and database softwares.
  • Experience in data analysis and interpretation.
  • Experience in managing or coordinating on farm trials.
  • Knowledge of speed breeding and tricot 1000farms on farm trailing.
  • Knowledge of molecular breeding techniques.
  • Experience working with different national partners.