2 years


10 June, 2024

Support Coordinator (East-Africa)

Job description

As our Regional Support Coordinator, you play a crucial role in keeping operations smooth and efficient across East Africa, including Rwanda, Congo DRC, Uganda and Ethiopia amongst others. You ensure our team and partners are empowered to maintain and enhance our services effectively.

About the role

  • Technical support coordinator: you’re the go-to person for 3-5 technicians in different countries. When they can’t figure it out, you step in. You have regular check-ins with your team to help keep everyone aligned and motivated. Your leadership is key to making sure our tech support team feels supported and appreciated.
  • Training new distributors: you’ll work closely with 3-5 partner distributors. Not every distributor has their own solar technicians, so you’ll often coordinate quick troubleshooting via a WhatsApp group. You’re also in charge of getting new distributors ready with hands-on demos and training sessions to handle common issues independently.
  • Problem solving: your job is to ensure that technical problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. You’ll oversee the reporting processes of our technicians, making sure they are thorough and timely. This directly boosts our reputation and success.
  • Team alignment: you’ll connect the dots between our technicians and Pieke, the Technical Support Manager.  You’ll keep track of technical issues and achievements, organize important data, and report back with insights that could help enhance our products and sales strategies.

About you

  • Bachelor’s degree in something technical, like engineering.
  • You’ve managed teams for a couple of years now. You know the drill.
  • You communicate clearly in English, ensuring everyone gets the message.
  • You know the basics of how our products work. Computers and online tools? You’re on it.