With this tailor-made international off-grid job platform ARE offers the possibility for:

  • All organisations and companies active in the field of rural electrification to find the right candidate for open positions.
  • All job seekers to find appropriate jobs in the off-grid sector, which can help further develop their careers.


Okan Özkan

Communications & Marketing Assistant

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Organisation Position Location Experience Deadline
EDP Renováveis S.A. Digital Communications Analyst United States 3-5 years ASAP
LEAP Micro AD Ltd Workshop Technician United Kingdom 3-5 years ASAP
Connected Energy Lead Full Stack Developer United Kingdom 6-10 years ASAP
EDP Renováveis S.A. Markets Associate Spain 3-5 years ASAP
Trina Solar Project Development Manager - Energy Storage Italy More than 10 years ASAP
TESVOLT GmbH Developer - MS Dynamics 365 & Power BI (in German) Germany 3-5 years ASAP
Fraunhofer ISE Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft Im Bereich - Agri-Photovoltaik /PV-Gewächshäuser (in German) Germany 0-2 years ASAP
ADEME - Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie Chargé.e de Mission - Accélérateur Décarbonation (in French) France 3-5 years ASAP
ADEME - Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie Ingénieur.e Transition Énergétique (in French) France 3-5 years ASAP
Voltalia Admin & Finance Leader (in French) French Guiana (France) 3-5 years ASAP
Schneider Electric Manager - Corporate Social Responsibility (Rural Electrification) India 6-10 years ASAP
Schneider Electric Business Development Lead - Power Systems Kenya 6-10 years ASAP
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation Experts en Financement Axé dans l’Accès à l’Énergie (in French) No specified 3-5 years 30 September
Camco Clean Energy Non-Executive Directors No specified 6-10 years 30 September