2 December, 2022 Member article

Off-Grid Europe travels to Namibia and South Africa with German federal minister for economic affairs and climate action Robert Habeck

Pfullendorf , Germany, 1 December 2022 – Christiane Kragh, founder and CEO of  ARE Member Off-Grid Europe GmbH, travels to Namibia and South Africa together with German economics minister Robert Habeck as part of the German business delegation.

In Namibia, the hydrogen partnership between the country and Germany, will be at the focus of attention. In South Africa, the German delegation will take part in the German-African Business Summit GABS.

German African Business Summit (GABS) as important platform for Off-Grid Europe
The 4th African Business Summit is meant to strengthen economic cooperation between Germany and Sub Saharan Africa. The summit is an important platform for German companies to expand their networks and connect to new potential partners.

Off-Grid Europe is specialised in renewable energy technology for power generation and storage solutions. The company works on the whole spectrum, from providing customised planning and systems design to the installation and maintenance of the systems. Innovation and constant optimization of technology are an integral part of OGE who aspire to fight energy poverty and be part of the green transition.

Since 2020, OGE is part of the project ASER300 (Agence Sénégalaise d‘Electrification Rurale, GAUFF Engineering, KfW) that set the target to electrify at least 300 villages in Senegal. In the course of realising the project, OGE set up the Senegalese subsidiary Off-Grid Africa in order to establish itself long-term in the west-african market.

Off-Grid Europe wants to establish itself long-term in Sub Saharan Africa
Already in February 2022, Christiane Kragh was invited to join the German federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier on his official visit to Senegal. About her travel now, Christiane Kragh states: “We are very happy about the political flanking from the German government at this very important summit in South Africa. It is a great honor to accompany minister Habeck to Namibia and then to the GABS. In Africa, more than half of the population still lack access to electricity. Off-Grid Europe is an expert for rural electrification, which is why we want to take this opportunity to expand our network and meet new people.”

HV Battery Energy Storage Systems for grid stabilisation
Mark Kragh, also founder and CTO of Off-Grid Europe, adds: “We do not only want to fight energy poverty in rural areas but also are ready to stabilise the existing grids. Therefore, we have developed HV Battery Energy Storage Systems that can be used, for example, for hospitals or big industries. With the sun’s power, we are able to prevent outrages, and replace diesel gensets that are still widely used.”

Christiane Kragh says: “Our company stands for innovation and cooperation. This is why I am very much looking forward to exciting new encounters during the upcoming trip.”

Find more information about Off-Grid Europe GmbH here: www.off-grid-europe.com

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