11 April, 2024 Member article

GFM installs solar-powered pumping system in north Senegal

In April 2024, ARE Member GFM FOTOVOLTAICA in collaboration with ONGAWA installed three solar-powered pumping demonstrators for stable and clean water provision in northern Senegal. Solar modules were introduced on an agrovoltaic scheme, reducing the high impact of evapotranspiration from the own local crops. The project was supported by the Spanish Cooperation (AECID) to promote access to water, sanitation and hygiene human rights (action 2021/ACDE/00434).

Matan region in northern Senegal is characterised by a semi-arid climate with low and irregular rainfall level. Access to water is completely dependent on diesel pump system, creating strong supply dependence, air pollution, high management cost and tough maintenance requirements. In addition, high evapotranspiration rates contribute to water stress, affecting to agricultural productivity, livestock health and human consumption.

The project promotes the introduction of three PV-hybrid pumping system to replace diesel as primary energy source. Solar modules were integrated on an agrivoltaics basis, which combines agricultural activity with solar generation on the same land. This placement holds potential implications for the food-water-energy nexus, improving crop efficiency, water management and solar performance. The output is monitored by a cloud-based platform, which provides remote control, system optimisation, early fault diagnosis and enhanced security.

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the action implements the creation of small boutiques in each demonstrator to boost regional economic growth, create local jobs and promote inclusive green business. The day-to-day management was carried out by local women, promoting woman empowerment and removing barriers to their full participation in the economy. These buildings have been equipped by electricity supply, lights and phone charging areas. In addition, DC-cooling systems have been provided to support the local food preservation, natural ice production and livestock vaccine storage.

The local community was engaged during all the project phases ensuring that the project activities are aligned with the local needs, priorities and capacities. Furthermore, some technical workshops were provided during the installation to guarantee system operation in the coming years.

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